more green than a mint

As I’m sure many of my loyal readers do, I often check my checking account balance with trepidation and wince when I see the amount that always manages to be less than my already meager prediction. Today, with the help of a nifty little website called, I entered all of my relevant financial information, hooked it up to my various accounts and now it tracks my finances for me and gives me recommendations on how to save money and be more thrifty. I drink too much you say? No way! Cigarettes are killing my lungs and my wallet? Well, obvs. Anyway, its pretty fantastic. One positive revelation is that my credit is outstanding. I knew it was solid because the guy at the realty spot who did mine and Ian’s credit checks told me I was “fine”, but he didn’t say excellent, which is what my free credit report told me. Who knew? I’m so broke that I assumed my credit, like my professional life, would be in shambles.

Moving on from my the status of my personal finances, I’ve got some stuff to share.

If you haven’t already noticed or heard about it you probably wouldn’t be reading this post but Twitter and Facebook were attacked by hackers today. For a period of a few hours this morning Twitter was down and Facebook has been sketchy. Analyst’s predict that nationwide work productivity increased drastically. Just kidding.

For you Chicagoans there is an unwanted art sale going on at The Art Center in Highland Park through August 15th. This sounds super cool and if you have a car or the means to get out there you should totally check it out. With a new apartment to decorate I might be nosing around as well.

Today’s Redeye has an article about new, swanky rooftop bars that are popping up all over the city. I guess it’s cool if you can afford it and/or tolerate the probably lame clientele. Despite the rat sightings I’ve made, I’ll take Happy Village over those spots in a second. As nice as it might be, I doubt that The Wit Hotel has ping pong. Although, to the credit of Leonor Vivanco, the article’s author, her recommendations at the bottom are right on.

In case any of you missed it, the blockbuster Mutant Chronicles has just been released to DVD and Blu Ray with a special collector’s edition 2-disc set. It’s a good thing Thomas Jane is on Hung because Mutant Chronicles and Punisher are two awful movies that have career killer written all over them.

If you read SF Critic you may have already come across this next band, La Roux. He reviewed a show they played in SF a few weeks ago. They also just played All Points West as part of an otherwise sick lineup. The music video for “Bulletproof” is a bit cheesy looking for my taste and the lead singer Elly Jackson’s quiff is absurd but I like their sound.

For everyone here in Chicago, Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys is doing a free show at Belmont Army in Lakeview tonight. belmont


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