in the loop

First off, I wanna give a shout out to the legendary Chicago director John Hughes, who died yesterday in Manhattan of an apparent heart attack. His movies were and will continue to be great portraits of the anxiety-wrought life of the American teenager and they have come to enjoy the status of timeless classics from the golden age of cinema and the world in general–the 1980s.  Also, as Pitchfork pointed out in their obit, the Pretty in Pink soundtrack is fantastic. Here is just one song from it:

On the front page of The Chicago Reader is an article written by Ben Joravsky about Mayor Daley’s sketchy behavior when it comes to public funds and something called TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) that I found fascinating. Apparently, Daley has been funneling all this cash into mad places without having anything to show for it. I haven’t really been exposed to Daley’s shadiness but this seemed to be a good introduction:

So who got a piece of that action? The list includes such needy supplicants as some of the area’s most successful and connected construction firms. G.F. Structures, owned by Daley family friends and best known for getting paid millions of dollars to install wrought iron fences around the city, received $1.1 million. Another big city contractor owned by friends of the Daleys, Walsh Construction, got $7.9 million. Aldridge Electric and construction firm F.H. Paschen, which have both received tens of millions of dollars in city deals, got $13 million and $5 million respectively. The Central Loop TIF report says all this money went toward “public improvement” but doesn’t specify what that means. The city didn’t respond to requests for details.

So it basically sounds like all the bad stuff I’ve always heard about Chicago and “the machine” and should it bother me that I’m not outraged or surprised? I should also note that Joravsky is one of those people who think the Olympics would be a disaster for Chicago.

In other Chicago news, this weekend (beginning today) is Lollapalooza. Unfortunately, your humble author will not be attending. I wish I was because Pitchfork was a bit of a letdown, although I did see Molly “Dinner Plate” Naples strolling around. The weather is supposed to be scorching so make sure to bring that SPF 15 and drink plenty of water with your booze. I always think getting high is a better, cheaper alternative to boozing it up all day at a music festival but maybe that ain’t everyone’s thing. The lineup includes Midwestaholic faves like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Santigold, TV on the Radio, Neko Case, Vampire Weekend and many others. I don’t know if tickets are still available but I bet dudes will be scalping them for something crazy.  If you are not going to Lolla I would avoid the loop all weekend long. It’s gonna be a mess.

This was kind of a boring update but its been a boring day.

This is off of Bon Iver’s recent EP. Have a splendid weekend.


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