Ok, I just devoured a delicious cheeseburger and ten chicken nuggets from Sammy’s, Hyde Park’s answer to The Peach Pit. Needless to say, it was amazing and Jon downed his brick-sized chicken burrito like it was drenched in trans fat. Yummmm.

I realize that for someone who didn’t actually attend Lollapalooza I’ve sure been talking about it a lot but this next piece of intel is pretty cool so I’m going to share it with the world because I really care about my readers. Apparently, according to The Chicagoist, Lollzapalooza (i added a “z” for fun) will be selling 60 dollar tickets for next year’s festivities at some point this week. So, keep your eyez on the website and jump when they say so. Given the consistency with which they have put together fantastic lineups over the years, 60 greenbacks is a steal of a price (cheaper than P-fork!), even without knowing who the hell will be there next year.

The Chicago Reader just posted its best of 2009 lists. Check it out here. This year categories for best bar include “Best Douchebag Watching.” The winner? Small bar on Division:

“Wrigleyville, the Viagra Triangle, and megaclubs like Crobar have been and will continue to be the city’s douchebag strongholds, but while they all provide ample opportunity to witness a staggering range of assholish behavior, they’re also places where it’s hard to find yourself an observation point that is itself clear of douchebags, forcing you to embed yourself among them like a war reporter or primate researcher. A better alternative is to post up at the still mostly douche-free Small Bar on Division—preferably in the summer when there’s sidewalk seating—and enjoy a microbrew or a Belgian as you watch the parade of party trolleys and luxury SUVs disgorge their conquering armies of jerks.”

So true. Luckily, my new apartment is mere blocks from this very spot and Small Bar has a tres delish chicken sandwich.

For those of you who fantasize nightly about subservient, Japanese women, the New York Times has an article detailing where exactly you should be going to fulfill your dreams on your next vacation. With a rather boring debate between some academics the Times is really putting the kibosh on all the fun to be had in the land of the rising sun. “Hostess Culture”, where young, attractive women are paid exorbitant sums of money to pretend they enjoy your company and the awkward sexual advances/harassment that come with it sounds just as skeevy as your average scenario where rich men are paying for the company of people who wouldn’t otherwise go near them. That said, it doesn’t really sound particularly Japanese to me. But, the commentators in the article are determined to paint the profession as being something uniquely Japanese. Whatever.

Everyone’s favorite “dissident feminist” (wtf Wikipedia) Camille Paglia wrote a piece in basically going after everybody except for Sarah Palin and including Skip Gates and Nancy Pelosi before proclaiming her love for David Axelrod, Angelina Jolie and linking to a picture of a naked Gia Carangi and waxing poetic about Brazilian dancers. Lol wut? Exactly. I wish I was a dissident feminist.

Also, this dude Joe Pug is good.


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