phunday humpday!

Oh man, today has already been an amazing day. My boys Tottenham Hotspur destroyed Hull in a 5-1 rout. Jermaine Defoe was on point and got his a hat trick of stellar goals. You can read the BBC’s recap here, if you’re interested. I’ll post a link to the highlights as soon as someone edits and posts them on the internet.

This is mostly going to be links that I stumbled across today and yesterday.

Another shout out goes to Andrew Loewen who posted this on Facebook yesterday. That reminds of of this.

Apparently no one listens to jazz music anymore, which is kind of sad. But, given what I know of the contemporary jazz scene, I don’t find this altogether surprising.

Warren Buffett wrote a kind of vague op-ed in the New York Times about the dangers of our ballooning national debt and the need for congress to address it seriously sometime in the near future. Well, duh. For better or worse, it seems that the health care debate has completely taken over public debate in this country both on Capitol Hill and elsewhere.

That op-ed by the CEO of Whole Foods that I linked to last week has spawned a mini-movement to boycott Whole Foods. The Free Speech Radio News has an audio report on the boycott here. I guess the lesson here is that corporations are going to act like corporations regardless of the image they try to cultivate amongst their likely clientele. Maybe Trader Joe’s is hoping this ups their sales.

Also, apparently all this talk of President Obama’s birth has helped new questions emerge about the birth history of our glorious former president Chester A. Arthur. CBS News has the story. One interesting thing, only about 400 people visit Chester A. Arthur’s Historic Site. How’s that sound for a family vacation?

I think this will prove to be particularly interesting to my friends in California: The New Yorker has a story about a fascinating political movement taking shape that aims to totally reform California’s constitution because the system is completely broken and the Golden State is on the verge of a meltdown.

Also, The New Republic, one of my favorite magazines has a blog entry by John McWhorter on why the conservative magazine The National Review would love Zora Neale Hurston (one of my favorite authors) that is thoroughly mediocre in scope and content and it remains unclear to me what exactly Hurston’s love for good ole’ “folks” has to do with The Nation Review, an organ founded by the anything but down home conservative author and celebrity William F. Buckley, Jr. Whatever, sometimes I’m amazed by the leeway given so-called writers at otherwise respectable magazines and newspapers. Harper’s forever!

I’m not sure if non-subscribers can get access to it, but here is an article from this past spring about the much publicized and overstated death of the publishing industry from Harper’s by an author named Gideon Lewis-Kraus. I just found it in an old issue that was laying around.

The weather is getting nasty and I have to figure out a way to get home without getting drenched. Wish me luck and happy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “phunday humpday!

  1. word man will about that hurston tnr article. read it a while back and was thoroughly at a loss for where the writer was trying to take the argument.

  2. AH, the half-man, half-bear returns to my life! Yeah man, as I said earlier, sometimes I’m kind of amazed at what constitutes an article/blog post for already established writers. It’s like once you make it the standards to which you are held you are automatically lowered.

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