Fresh Friday, with a helping of the good, the bad and the entertaining

Okay, so I have some good news. They figured out what happened to my uncle. Apparently, some medication he was taking for a preexisting medical condition caused him to pass out. It was not a stroke or seizure as they initially believed. Great to hear.

Today, Pitchfork unveiled their top 20 songs of the past decade. Here is the top 20 if you are like me and aren’t necessarily committed to reading the entire feature from 500 to number 1. If you’re interested in the entire list, I’m sure you have the wherewithal to find it for yourself.

This is courtesy of Immy, who seems to have an intellectual boner for Walter Benn-Michaels, an English professor at The University of Illinois-Chicago, whom I had the privilege of taking a class with last fall. He basically likes to talk about the growth of inequality, in financial terms, that has occured over the past several decades. While we have made progress combatting homophobia, racism and sexism, we have been unable to make society a more equal place economically. He harped on pretty regularly last fall. I’m not saying WBM isn’t on point–he is, as this piece demonstrates–but homeboy could work on his classroom etiquette.

For those Friday Night Lights fans out there (I know there are some of you), I found some moderate spoilers about the upcoming season 4 at this blog. I’m still not quite sure when the season will premier or if it will be part of a similar schedule as last year, first appearing on DirecTV and then NBC in the Spring. But, last year I had no problem finding the episodes online after they appeared on DirecTV. I’ll keep on the prowl for more info. Also, if any of you are looking for more ways to procrastinate or bring yourself up to date on the events of previous seasons of shows that are premiering in the near future, check out Television Without Pity for the lengthy but highly entertaining summaries/critiques.

On a more local front, I found this map that RedEye has compiled of each murder that has occured in Chicago this year. It is pretty depressing stuff but the stories below the map are worth reading. As some of you may know, Chicago tops New York and LA in annual homicides. Last year, the city even surpassed the number of US deaths in Iraq. Predictably, the North Side is almost completely devoid of homicides from The Loop up to Ravenswood. Many other neighborhoods, including West Town, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park, and Logan Square had their share of homicides.

On the health care front, New Hampshire physician Kevin Pho poses an interesting question that I hadn’t heard before: if we pass universal health care how will be make up for the shortage of qualified physicians? Now, I don’t think this is enough to discredit the project of universalized health care but it is certainly a problem that will need to be addressed at some point.

Also, the Chicago Cubs have finally been sold by The Tribune Company.

Police identified a murdered model by her breast implants. I didn’t realize they were serialized, marked or otherwise numbered for identification.

Barack Obama issued a message to the Muslim world on the eve on Ramadan. I’m sure this will add fuel to the conservative myth that Obama is a Muslim.

Don’t forget everyone! For those of you in Chicago, my house is hosting a 90s party/pig-roast/redneck wedding this Sunday afternoon/evening. To get your excited, here is the video of a song you will certainly here should you be at our house on Sunday. Umm, correction, WordPress isn’t letting me post the video for whatever reason. Sorry! In lieu of a video, however, I will be offering you a picture of this interesting new series from Nike, called “Back to School.” Apparently they’re only available in kids sizes. Wtf? But, it looks like another solid addition to the ever expanding  number of Nike Dunk themes.



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