Not Hatin’, Just Sayin’

Okay, okay. I’m getting real lazy about my updates. Part of it has been the steep decline in the amount of time I spend trolling the internet for anything, from sneakers to news to dope blogs, etc. I’ve been a bit more active in actually being active, which is to say I no longer spend so much damn time being stationary. Since moving to Wicker Park (I know, it’s probably getting obnoxious how I keep talking up my new neighborhood, but it has really revolutionized my life), I have actually developed a social life, which isn’t to say I’m never down in Hyde Park, but when I am I lock myself in the library, take the occasional nap, hang out with J-bein for longer than we probably should and read exceedingly boring books on all kinds of sleep inducing topics while attempting to find interesting angles for expository writing and scholastic arguments. Whoa, that was almost as boring as my papers. See? I’m already adopting the long-winded discursive stylings of my academic influences. Boo to that.

 So, recently I’ve been feeling this band Foreign Born. I can’t remember where or how I heard of them but I think I downloaded a torrent of someone’s favorite, newish indie stuff and came across it. Nonetheless, I’ve recently realized I’m woefully out of touch with the state of contemporary muzak. I don’t read any music blogs, hadn’t heard of most of the bands at Pitchfork, and now realize I’m becoming totally ‘uncool’ as I grow older. Most recently, I shamefully downloaded a number of free mixes from Urban Outfitters which definitely made me a bit nervous I was becoming a ‘tool’.  Also, I no longer live with the veritable living encyclopedia of pop music also known as Chris Bench and I’ve managed to fill up my MacBook’s hard drive with Battlestar Galactica episodes and bands that are mostly old standbys and older stuff I have just now come across. I would tots appreciate some suggestions of new stuff that you peeps are listening to these days. I’m thinking I can delete some of the 4 gigs worth of Miles Davis I have–one only needs so many obscure live recordings–along with all of the B sides of Bob Dylan that I have never bothered to listen to.  

I’m not hating on either Miles or Bobby Z, but I feel like I’ve gotta move on a bit with my musical tastes or risk becoming like my mother, which would be sort of chill, but I’m not ready for that. Actually, now that I think about it, my mom is totally cooler than I am. She listens to college radio and NPR and comes across sweet, new indie stuff that I have never heard of. Recently, she has actually been telling me about new stuff. I never thought that would happen, although I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. I mean, typically parents are stereotyped as being decidedly ‘uncool’ and will cramp your style, but my mom has always been down with new jams and kept up with the times. HRO wrote this fictitious post about a dad who feels totally uncool but takes his daughter to an ‘indie’ show and it reminded me of this one time my mom and I went to a Tom Petty show together when I was like 17 or 18. Normally this would be lame as hell, but mom was completely chill about it and even bought me beer (Word!). I mean, she would never supply me with a fifth of Jim Beam but she was down with getting me a 6 pack of Corona, and she never hated on me for partying once I started to, instead just reminding me to ‘be safe’, and that is completely legit advice.

Anyway, have your parents ever done stuff that was like super chill before you were necessarily ‘of age’ to being doing it. I don’t mean have they ever hooked you up with their coke dealer, but I know some kids whose parents would totally smoke a joint with them (I find this weird), or other folks who would buy their kids a keg (I’m down with this). My mom and I never really had the ‘birds and the bees’ talk and she once forbade me from having sex in my house–not that it stopped me–but most of the time she was all about maintaining a trusting and open relationship, which meant not making me think I couldn’t tell her stuff without being mad judged. 

In retrospect, I feel like my mom and I had an unusually relaxed and positive relationship–something that is still very much in effect. She even busted me getting stoned with my uncle at my cousin’s wedding and didn’t give me ‘flack’. Are your parents ‘chill’? I know in some cases one parent was dope while the other was more mnstrm and decidely ‘unchill’. Some smart kids played them against one another, but that wasn’t always an effective strategy to get what one wanted. I never tried that for obvious reasons (dad!? where were you all my life???…JK), but I never tried to manipulate the moms too often, if ever. I think that made me a pretty ‘chill’ kid in general and I think my moms would support that assertion.


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