Nona is getting profiled everywhere.

So my girl Nona Willis-Aronowitz, daughter of two bad ass people–Stanley Aronowitz and Ellen Willis, although you should disregard the Wikipedia article’s characterization of Ellen as “left-wing”, which is certainly being used as a pejorative to suggest that her views were in some ways crazy–was interviewed on ABC News about her new book Girldrive by a woman named Meg Oliver who seemed genuinely interested, fascinated and dare I say supportive of feminism (surprising considering how politically neutral most cable news types have to pretend to be). But, here is an interview in New York Magazine that appeared a few weeks ago.

Here is just one quote:

It’s strange. In a way, the publication of Girldrive is bookended by two deaths, and two deaths of feminists. Emma and I decided to do this road trip over brunch, at which she and I met for the first time since my mom died. As for Emma, she had been suffering from serious depression for a long time. In some ways, she had always both reveled in and fought against the idea of the “tragic female” and I think feminism had saved her life many times in the past. But no “-ism” can save someone from major depression.

Check the book out everyone!



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