Lacuna (revised version)

Cold for April but you didn’t notice
and then a sweltering summer.
My attic room had two windows
with no cross breeze. Loosed in fields afar,
winds found a home there.
Elsewhere, an aged recluse.

Ralph Lemon filmed himself
in Duluth and Mississippi,
the state, in the Delta;
Yazoo County,
lovely with those yellow flowers,
if memory serves.

We saw his installation, Ralph’s:
Looped video and no music,
a heavy glimpse of unbrief history,
or geography,
as he called the patchwork.

I smoked a new cigarette outside with Jess.
They spelled Camel with a “K”,
It struck me as oddly political.

Ralph later asked me if I was a pariah.
I coughed dumbly. Sarah was mute.
We stood: a pensive coda.

3 men were lynched there in 1920 on June 15th, he said.
Elias, Elmer and Isaac.
All good names.

Yes, a memorial in Duluth seems apt,
but I saw the fields of graying cotton and ruddy clay,
no less immense.


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