7/8/2011 Links

Where I wish I was right now.

Manic Mondays in the Dog Days of Summer are totally the worst.

This is from the Paris Review’s 2010 Jonathan Franzen interview:


I understand better how much of writing a novel is about self-examination, self-transformation. I spend vastly more time nowadays trying to figure out what’s stopping me from doing the work, trying to figure out how I can become the person who can do the work, investigating the shame and fear: the shame of self-exposure, the fear of ridicule or condemnation, the fear of causing pain or harm. That kind of self-analysis was entirely absent with The Twenty-Seventh City, and almost entirely absent with Strong Motion. It became necessary for the first time with The Corrections. And it became the central project with Freedom—so much so that the actual writing of pages was almost like a treat I was given after doing the real work. 

Less fun more economistical (new word!) readings.

S & P Sux
Why the Port Authority is Raising the Tolls
-Bachmann’s World View 
Mark Cuban on Patent Laws
Conservative Economist Promotes “Debt-Forgiveness” For Low-Income Americans








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