Microfiction: The Tumble

A story about this photo in 100 Words or Less. My attempt at microfiction inspired by the above photo via stylist.co.uk.

Stinking of whiskey and mint Godrey lurched in, curled his preternaturally long arm around Eleanor, and whispered in as conspiratorial a voice as he could muster, “Will you kiss me?” Eleanor, rosy-cheeked and poised, was unmoved. Clever as he might be, Godrey was yet another young, moneyed and besotted man with questionable morals. As she stoically gazed off at the bridge in silence, Godrey, sensing rejection, spun wildly around, leaned against the wall and, in one swift motion, tumbled sloppily over the side. Eleanor, for once surprised, let out a high-pitched pip, swayed once unsteadily and promptly fainted.


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