My Exception Response to the NY Times Article about “Generation Limbo

In case you missed it the New York Times wrote an amusing article about high-achieving college graduates of prestigious institutions who are struggling to find careers amid the slow recovery from The Great Recession.  At one point they interview a Harvard grad who made the career-killing choice to join pretty awesome indie-rock band Titus Andronicus, which Matt Yglesias correctly called out as an absurd.

Amy Klein’s not “stick in neutral” or “coping” with a dead-end job and “listless prospects.” She’s a rock star! I promise. Everybody loves her band. She tweets things like “Just sang rebel girl with titus andronicus at a positive force show in d.c. I can now die happy.” If this was a typical story of life in America in 2011, America in 2011 would be an awesome place. The real story of Amy Klein is that America is a large country so even when things are bad on average, plenty of individual people are still enjoying success and upward mobility.

For my part, I wrote a more sober response over at The Exception that you can read here.


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