Whither Sarah Palin and Glen Rice (via Et tu, Mr. Destructo?)

This is the best response I’ve seen to the Palin/Glen Rice one-night stand rumors:

That leaves only the moral problems of hypocrisy, and they still feel unnecessary. The reason why mocking Larry Craig’s “wide stance,” Ted Haggard’s doing “butt bumps” with a rentboy, George Rekers traveling with a rentboy, Bob Allen offering to perform oral sex on a “muscular” black undercover officer to stave off “robbery” and Mark Foley trying to diddle boys via AIM chat is that those facts are pretty much all any of us knows about them. None of those men entered the national consciousness on their own terms and were never voluntarily challenged on their records and character. They were never vetted, never publicly promoted to us all. We met them via their hypocritical folly, and because most of their cultural entrance was also their exit, we can exult and delight in the near totality of their lives’ untruth.

Palin, on the other hand, has already been judged and found wanting. She’s been picked apart thoroughly and deservingly, giving America a chokingly full plate of hypocrisy and a gross abundance of its leftovers — like a fridge filled with tupperware containers of Thanksgiving turkey. She’s a red-baiting anti-socialist who kept her state fiscally solvent via its state-controlled energy resources and doled out redistributed state-controlled wealth to each citizen. She believes in a culture of life and can’t stop advocating killing wolves and people. She’s against press-1-for-English but can barely speak the language. She loves American history and expects people to get the most from their educations, but her familiarity with both is on par with a banana cream pie’s grasp of astronomy once you set it on a laminated placemat showing a map of the solar system. She demands that Americans work harder, but she got someone to write her books for her, quit the most important job she ever had and no-shows publicity appearances. She hates the media, but she’s a paid member of it and won’t get off the television. She preaches self-improvement, family values and celibacy, but this book and Levi Johnston’s tell-all show a woman indifferent to parenting even before her unwed high school-age daughter got knocked up by trailer trash.

Also, from the comments: “There’s a high probability Palin will either deny it or say Rice, powered by the black man’s furious fetish for white wimminz, forced himself upon her when all she really wanted was to conduct a professional interview on the double bed in his room at the Anchorage Ramada. “


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