Following in Obama the community organizer’s footsteps…

The title is a reference to the joke I keep hearing when I tell people that I am a community organizer and they respond with some reference to President Obama. Anyway, last week Wednesday, December 14th I, along with numerous community leaders, concerned citizens and the nurses union, helped organize a public meeting to debate the attempted sale of 140 year old non-profit Christ Hospital here in the Jersey City Heights to California-based for-profit company called Prime Healthcare. The Jersey Journey posted a photo slideshow of the event along with the article and in the background you can see me hanging out looking kind of interested:

Not nearly as bored as I look!

Prime Healthcare is a sketchy corporation that buys up hospitals in financial distress, guts the staffs, offers only profitable services and by all accounts bilks the American taxpayer out of millions of dollars by falsely claiming high-reimbursement conditions with Medicare and Medicaid patients. This is exactly the kind of group we don’t want as we gear up for nationalized healthcare to take effect. Anyway, see below for more info.

For more news on the issue see California Watch’s ongoing and outstanding coverage of Prime Healthcare’s many improprieties there.

Also, for articles on the town hall see the Jersey Journal, The Hudson Reporter, and the Jersey City Independent.