Whoever Lisa Chudnofsky is she has the best job in showbiz.

This is from MTV.com in what I guess is a blogpost that is supposed to get us amped up for this week’s Jersey Shore episode:

This is what a man looks like when he’s quietly pondering whether to stay calm, or to beat the crap out of the person opposite him.

Mike‘s been threatening to let the cat outta the bag since “Jersey Shore” filmed in Florence, so it’s almost a relief to see him finally telling Jionni about his alleged hookup with Snooki. In the below sneak peek of the season’s final episodes, we find a “Unit”-free Sitch barfing the beans all over Jionni’s expressionless face, among other dramatic moments, such as a guido fishing trip gone wrong (could there be any other outcome?), a Team Meatball run-in with the law and an Angelina club spotting (remember her?). And get ready for Lola The Dancing Bunny, y’all–it’s hard to say what’ll happen next when there’s a meatball grinding inside her.

Whether author Lisa Chudnofsky is a poorly paid intern who doubles as a student at Columbia or some recent grad grinding out a PA job at MTV I do not know. That said, this has to be kind of fun to write.