Bye Bye New Jersey Nets

As a sometimes serious Nets fan this Grantland article depressed the hell out of me:

“I been coming to Nets games for 35 years,” Steve says, “and for 35 years they ain’t been filling seats. So how you gonna be disappointed that they finally moving? Only thing I’m mad about is them raising ticket prices for next year when the team ain’t never won. Sell me a good product. Don’t sell me the same thing and charge me triple.”

Halftime comes with the Nets up 56-48. By a souvenir stand, a group of kids have clustered around Mini-Sly, the Nets’ fox-dwarf mascot. I lean down and show him my press credential. He shakes his head no.

“It’ll be a softball,” I say, and Mini-Sly nods OK. “Are you moving with the team to Brooklyn?”
With Andy Serkis–like levels of anthropomorphic pathos, Mini Sly lowers his head and shrugs.

Sad times for a franchise that at least for a few years played the most exciting basketball in the NBA. We miss you Jason Kidd.