Couple in Georgia Arrested When They Try to Move Into Their New Home

I’m not sure if Georgia has stand your ground laws but this is quite the welcoming committee a couple got when they tried to move into their new home. I guess the neighborhood barbecues are gonna be real awkward:

“He say to put the hands up and get out from the house, otherwise he would shoot us,” the husband told Channel 2.

The neighbors didn’t believe the couple when they told them they had bought the home and called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. The Kalonjis didn’t have the closing papers with them, so deputies arrested them, charged them with loitering and prowling and took them to jail.

The husband, Jean Kolanji, said it reminded him of the Congo. Congratulations Newton County, Georgia, you have officially regressed so much that you remind people of the Congo, one of the most war torn countries in Africa. On a side note, if there one thing I’ve learned from The Walking Dead it is that it will take an invasion of zombies, aliens or some other distinctly non-human entity to erase racism in the South.