On the Occasion of my Graduation from high School in June of 2003

My precious baby boy

My startling handsome son

My soon to be gone

Young Man


Congratulations for completing what you started 4 years ago

I know the days and nights of high school were a struggle

Your mind was often cluttered with frustrating thoughts and experiences

You were rarely encouraged by those you spent the hours and days and weeks with

Your skills and knowledge and worth as human being as a gifted and talented young man was not always recognized by those who would call themselves teachers and coach


Yet their were a few brilliant and gifted men and women who saw you and your peers for what you are

Young men and women deserving of encouragement and respect

Opportunities and support


Although not always an experience of joy and pleasure

Although your mind was not stimulated every day by everyone

Although at times the cruelty of those around you devastated you

There were times when the love and courage and respect of those who knew the truth of who you were

Sustained you


And today and everyday

Remember those who stood beside and for you


There will many people who cross your path good and bad


And you will always succeed no matter what


Congratulations and this know always


You are loved





June 2003