Diminutive Argentine Footballers

Me and the gents post-match.

Saturday me and some friends and friends of friends (some of whom came up from DC for the match) headed over MetLife Stadium to watch the Brazilian and Argentine national football sides play a “friendly” match deemed by promoters to be “Clash of the Titans”.  In what was a feast of attacking soccer, Argentina prevailed 4-3 over the Brazilians due in large part to the brilliance of Leo Messi who, no matter how many times you see him on TV, is even more incredible to see play in person. We were about 30 rows up from the field and had a great vantage point for his winning goal that also happened to give him a hat trick for the match. In general seeing the game made me wish I watched more professional-level soccer in person. I’m also dreaming of ways to fund a trip to Brazil for the World Cup in 2014.

Just before the final whistle with the score in the background.