Polygamists and the Presidency (Buzzfeed)

Buzzfeed has a real whopper of an article here about Polygamists and the family histories of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. One of the strangest parts, when a polygamist talks about what they have in common with the gay rights movement:


“We’re about faith, family, and getting the government out of our lives,” Darger said. “It’s a quintessential conservative argument.”

Which is why it was so jarring when, about 20 minutes into the discussion he started dropping terms that were borrowed from another community that hasn’t always gotten along with religious right: The gay rights movement.

“We made the decision as a family to come out,” he said, at one point.

“All we want is our equal rights,” he said, at another.

When finally asked whether he saw parallels between the gay marriage cause and his own, Darger didn’t hesitate: “Definitely.”

Gay rights advocates want nothing to do with the polygamists, having spent years batting down the right’s argument that the freedom to marry could extend in unexpected directions. But to get polygamy decriminalized, Darger said he is modeling his strategy after the successes of that movement (which he supports on Constitutional principle). As part of the effort, he and his family are waging a public awareness campaign to demystify their lifestyle.


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