Yackin About Nothing in Particular

clarke: LeBron fouled out!!!
Tom: wait
clarke: man
can you imagine anything worse than a spurs-pacers finals?
im not even sure i would watch it
the final scores would be like 78-71
Tom: yeah there’s zero chance id watch it
clarke: im still surprised by how much trouble the pacers are giving the heat
because they arent very good
D-Wade looks over the hill
which clearly is huge
Tom: theyre good on d i guess
clarke: dude, d-wade is 31

Tom: haha yeah
clarke: its so weird how old the guys who go to college are
Tom: Jordan came out of his first retirement at what…33?
clarke: yeah something like that
but he didnt have the injuries wade has had
Tom: true, that was more a “wow jordan” than “boo wade”
clarke: yeah, i mean he was a beast
the irony is that LeBron isnt getting any help right now
Bosh and Wade are both sucking
I bet LeBron leaves the Heat for his next big payday
clarke: ha, yo, i didnt know until like two weeks ago that the hornets had changed their name
i was looking at a list of NBA teams
and saw Pelicans and was like WTF
clarke: who is that
and then I was like oh, okay,I guess that happened
Tom: haha, i love the name frankly. i like the idea of a non menacing team name, they should keep it up
clarke: Tampa Bay Flamingos
Tom: the something marshmellows are battling the pennsylvania choclatiers. gimme smore!
clarke: lulz. Also, Liverpool are about to sign Kolo Toure and Arsenal are trying to sign Skyrtel
Tom:haha yes

Toure is a a good signing. skyrtel was good a season ago
clarke: im just getting annoyed
all these nouveaux riche teams
literally buying up all the decent players
Monaco just spent 60 million on merely decent players
and are buying Falcao for monopoly money
Tom: and another guy i think
i just read of one
clarke: yeah, Moutinho, its absurd.
Tom: welcome to the unwinding, will
clarke: HA
Tom: its happening EVERYWHERE
clarke: also
George Packer could do better than the unwinding
by George Packer
Tom: that would have been amazing
clarke: all caps
dripping blood
just super over the top
Tom: and some onion photoshopped picture
clarke: a tattered american flag
human misery writ large
Tom: dick cheney flying with flood dripping from his talons
clarke: a dick cheney eagle
blood on the talons
oil on the wings
Tom: pillaging a small town??
clarke: freedom in the mouth, or screeching out of kaw of freedom across the amber plains
and raping socialists with a big giant missiles of liberty
Tom: nice
clarke: His corporate personhood nom de plume, “Dickaburton”, written in all caps, comic sans font in army green on his weaponized cock missile.
Tom: Terrifying.