About Midwestaholic

William Clarke is currently the director of a non-profit in Jersey City. He lived in the Midwest for seven glorious years while becoming painfully overeducated and inured to the effects of incredibly cold weather. He freelances on occasion as a writer, editor and designer, and is a diehard Tottenham Hotspur fan. Besides a stint in Waldorf School he was educated in Southeast Ohio and Central New Jersey public school systems until he turned 18, when he promptly threw his chips in with ritzy private schools in Middle-America.

Will’s second life in the Midwest began when he decamped to the wonderful city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, where after four longish years he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and American Studies from Macalester College. He then leapt into UChicago’s English PhD program, where he managed to earn a Master’s Degree in English Literature while reading with great pleasure from Nabokov’s considerable oeuvre. After two and a half years of mild to severe dissatisfaction he cut his losses and departed for more amenable waters (ie, not UChicago). He tended bar for a few bitterly cold winter months and then headed back East to find his fortune or merely a decent job. The fortune has remained elusive but he continues to read widely and indiscriminately in hope that some great and marginally profitable idea worth pursuing might eventually pop into his head.

The opinions here, unless otherwise noted, are his own.


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